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protector symposium 5.0 

Men & Women - Ages 21+

  • [Fri Sep. 16th] Full In-Class Training Day: Available for everyone of all backgrounds. Join us for the full day of classroom sessions featuring in-depth training from each of our Subject Matter Experts.
  • [Sat 17th & Sun 18th] Contact Driving & Hard Skills Intensive Upgrade: You get to choose between 2 Days of hands on, Hard Skills Training with each of our featured experts or 2 day Protective Driving Clinic. These 12 person, small group format classes are guaranteed to take your protection skills to the next level. (This option sells out fast! Limited to 24 students.) 
  •  Certification: All Hard Skills students will receive a Certificate of Completion and an official Protector Nation Challenge Coin commemorating their achievement for completing the 2 Day Hard Skills Intensive.
  • Online-Only Option: If travel or timing isn't right for you, get lifetime access to the recorded digital replay.

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Classroom Sessions

Digital Replay

  • Day 1: Full Day of In-Class Sessions
  • ​Attend in Person or Get Digital Replay


  • Lifetime Access to Digital Recording of the In-Class Training Sessions with all Featured Experts


Regular Price: $250

Option A:

3 Day Package

Hard Skills Intensive

  • Day 1: Full Day of In-Class Sessions
  • Days 2-3: Two Full Days of Hard Skills Training with All Featured Experts


  • Official Protector Symposium 5.0 Certificate of Completion document
  • ​Protector Nation T Shirt & Swag Bag
  • ​Commemorative PS 5.0 Challenge Coin


Regular Price: $2850

Option B:

3 Day Package

Protective Driving Course

  • Day 1: Full Day of In-Class Sessions
  • Days 2-3: Two Full Days of our Security and Contact Driving Training.
  • Only 12 Spots Available [Sells Out Fast]


  • Official Protector Symposium 5.0 Certificate of Completion document
  • ​Protector Nation T Shirt & Swag Bag
  • ​Commemorative PS 5.0 Challenge Coin


Limited Availability - Only 12 Students

Regular Price: $3550


Whether you are coming to us with an expert-level tactical background, or are brand new to the protection game - the line up of Instructors for this event have the experience to make sure you get the most out of the training and walk away with skills that save lives.

Featured Experts

Ed Calderon: Weapon-ology

Using case studies to reverse-engineer criminal methodologies involving weapons, this segment of the training focuses on the evidence-based employment of austere, environmentally sourced offensive tools.

Designed for both government and civilian personnel who travel abroad and may have a need to create their own defensive options, this module not only focuses on fabrication and employment but also the frequently overlooked and rarely taught aspects of concealment and the "smugglers mindset" based on criminal modus operandi from around the world. 

Raul Martinez: Advanced Handgun Skills

Handgun deployment, retention and recovery at contact distance: there’s more to carrying a handgun then just being able to shoot. Very often you’ll find yourself in very close quarters with other human beings and this presents a number of considerations. Understanding how to defend, retain and or retrieve your weapon from an adversary within extreme close distances is a discipline you must be familiar with. 

Law Enforcement officers are shot with their own weapons frequently and CCW owners fall victim to the same types of threats as well. This course will give you the skills and knowledge to help you understand what to do when things get physical and there is a weapon involved. Make no mistake these are extremely important life savings skills for anyone caring any type of weapon in today’s society.

Kawa Mawlayee: Lone Operator

Whether you carry a pistol concealed as a civilian or you are a professional Protector in law-enforcement or private security, the ability to move through a structure with a pistol in an effort to save human life is something very few of us have training on but is extremely relevant to being armed in today’s urban environments.

Kawa has a tremendous background as an Special Forces operator training with Tier 1 and Tier 2 professionals at the tip of the spear for years. If you’re thinking about how you can protect your home or trying to best understand how you may need to move within a high-threat scenario out in public, this module is extremely valuable for all protectors.

Instructor Zero: Close Combat Vehicle

As professional protectors and civilians we are inside of and around vehicles every single day. Understanding how to successfully went to gunfight around vehicles is an absolutely integral skill to being able to win a violent encounter in our urban world. There are many myths surrounding this subject and many cool guy courses out there but we’ve brought in one of the world's living legends to make sure that patrons of this course are receiving the skills and training that is most effective in the real world.

The infamous Instructor Zero is flying over the pond to train us and join us during this live event. He’s been operational and instructing for well over a decade on many different continents, teaching many of the worlds fighting forces the skills they need to be affective out in the field.

As we know most violent encounters happen while we are in transitional spaces moving from a safe location such as our home or office building to another safe location such as a vehicle in many cases. This course will equip our patrons with the skills necessary to have a notable tactical advantage during a gun fight in these types of environments.

Craig "Sawman" Sawyer: Modern Day Protector

The “SAWMAN“ will be our keynote speaker delivering a presentation on what it takes to be a modern day protector and how that plays into one of the biggest industries in the world right now, human trafficking. This presentation is all about the DNA of who we are as Protectors and the reality that human trafficking Ken and does affect every single one of us whether we know it or not.

Understanding what you can do to join the fight and how you can protect your family from someone who is out in the field fighting this war is truly in valuable information in today’s evolving battlefield. If we know how the enemy works then we know how to protect those we love and that is what protectors are all about.

Background: Marine veteran, Navy SEAL TEAM SIX , sniper, counter-terrorism team lead, High-Threat Mobile Security operations for the U.S. Department of State in Iraq, founder of Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR). Director of The documentary Contraland.

Byron Rodgers

Byron Rodgers is a United States Marine Corps combat veteran turned private security professional. He has successfully conducted executive protection operations in 60+ countries and counting over the course of the last decade and has consistently worked every client demographic the private security industry has to offer.

Byron is a published author of the book, “Finding Meaning After the Military” and a double psychology major with his Master’s in the Science of Psychology minoring in Forensic Psych from North Central University. He is the Founder and CEO of Bravo Research Group a private security agency operating out of Southern California, as well as Founder of the Executive Protection Lifestyle and Protector Nation brands and podcasts.

Choose Between These Two Hard Skills Training Packages



The two day driving course is a very rare opportunity for professional protectors and civilians to learn what it really takes to protect passengers and other vehicles from the driver seat.

This is not just your run-of-the-mill tactical driving experience, you were going to get very rare and high-level opportunity to train and spar with our fleet of full contact crown Victoria training vehicles.


Limited Availability - Only 12 Students



This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from four of the worlds most elite trainers on the circuit in one place at one time.

Chasing down a training opportunity like this it’s not possible for most of us because many of these trainers are not running courses for civilians or even in the United States, it would also cost about four times as much.

You will train with each instructor separately over the course of two days in order to walk away with new skill sets that are not readily available to the public at this time.


Suggested Gear:
- Clothing Suitable for hot dry climate
​- Water bottle
​- Cup for groin protection suggested
​- Eyewear
​- Ear protection for shooting
​- MMA gloves optional but recommended
- Concealment Holster
- Carry Gun
- 2 Mags
- 75-100 Rounds Ammo
- CA-T7 Tourniquet For Training
- Long Sleeve Shirt
+ Where is the event being held?
Answer: For security purposes and the privacy of our guests, The Protector Symposium 5.0 is being held at an undisclosed training facility in Tuscon, Arizona on September 16th - 18th. Exact location and all the details to attend will be provided after purchase.
+ How long is the event?
Answer: The classroom day on Friday, September 16th will start at 8am and consist of 9-10 hours of in-room training sessions featuring each of our experts. The optional two days of Hard Skills Training will be held at a nearby training facility on Saturday September 17th & Sunday September 18th. These sessions will consist of rotating small groups - 10 students each, and 3-4 hours with each of our featured Hard Skills Experts. 
+ What about travel logistics?
Answer: Upon reserving your event ticket, you will receive an email with all the details. You'll want to arrange travel so that you arrive in Tucson Arizona - no later than the night of Thursday, September 15th. Hotel information will be provided to all registrants, along with a full event itinerary and instructions for attending. 
+ Who is the Protector Symposium for?
Answer: This training event is for anyone of any background. Whether you're currently in the security industry, a first responder, or simply someone who wants to empower themselves with first-in-class training on the topics of self defense, tactical gun skills and combative driving. The Protector Symposium is specifically designed for those who have a heart for protecting others and understand the tremendous value that comes from investing in their understanding of these life-saving skills.
+ What are the payment options?
Answer: We accept all major credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. Upon completing your purchase you will be provided with contact information to our Protector Nation Support Team who will be able to help you with any questions you may have.
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